Roblox Launches Creator Fund For Ambitious Projects

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After a prosperous year for Roblox, the game makers have finally launched their own full creator fund.

The rebranded creator fund, formerly known as the Game Fund, is worth $35 million. Previously just for game developers, the fund now includes creators and game developers who want to build content on the Roblox platform other than games.

One of the first partners of the Creator Fund includes a creator who makes short-form videos, Roblox told Fast Company. This could mean Roblox is making a more serious push toward short-form video content on the platform.

“The newly titled Creator Fund, previously Game Fund, is one of the many programs we have in place to support creators as they build next-gen experiences on Roblox,” Matt Curtis, Roblox’s vice president of developer relations, told Fast Company

Roblox will accept applications to the fund on a rolling basis. Prospective creators must submit a pitch deck and business plan to be considered.

Those accepted by the Creator Fund will receive funding based on hitting certain milestones in the creation process. Funding starts at a minimum of $500,000 per project, according to the Roblox website.

Creators will also get the opportunity to collaborate with in-house experts in their chosen field. If you want to apply, it’s worth bearing in mind that the fund is also available for independent students, brands, and professional development studios.

Additionally, those receiving funds will also be able to incorporate IP from Roblox’s partners. According to Fast Company, this includes Paramount’s Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In the past, Roblox has caught a lot of heat for the way it treats young creators. The majority of Roblox users are under 16. Reports from outlets like the Guardian have accused the platform of being “a game empire built on child labor.”

A 2021 YouTube investigation also revealed that it was quite difficult for young creators to make money on the platform. Roblox creators had to earn $100,000 of the in-game currency Robux before they could withdraw any money.

Since then, the platform has tried to clean up its image. In January 2024, it eschewed Robux in favor of USD. It also announced that creators earn 100% of revenue selling models and plugins in its Creator Store.

“Our Creator Fund allows even more creators and IP holders to join the program while still staying true to its original mission of empowering creators who want to build something that has never existed before,” Curtis told Fast Company.

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