Skibidi Toilet Is Under Investigation By Russian Authorities

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It was only recently that Skibidi Toilet was voted trend of the year by YouTube, but now, it looks like the popular YouTube series might be under threat, as credible sources are reporting that it’s under investigation by the Russian authorities.

To remind you, Skibidi Toilet is a crudely animated, satirical web series made by YouTuber DaFuq!?Boom!, which focuses on the conflict between toilets with human heads (the titular Skibidi Toilets) and humanoids with television screens as heads.

It might be senseless with its plotting and post-ironic with its humor, but Skibidi Toilet is hardly the work of a criminal mastermind and definitely isn’t the worst thing to be coming out of Russia right now.

Still, that didn’t stop a man living in Moscow from allegedly reporting the series to the police and asking that they investigate creator Andrei Gerasimov. His reasoning? He saw his child watching Skibidi Toilet and expressed concern over its “detrimental effect” on younger viewers.

“We received an appeal from a Moscow resident about the need to block video materials on the Internet in the form of short Skibidi Toilet films, which have a detrimental effect on children,” a law enforcement source said.

Social media censorship is definitely nothing new in Russia, but this Skibidi Toilet investigation appears to be even more ridiculous than usual.

The funniest part is that in order to investigate these claims, law enforcement officers are going to have to watch Skibidi Toilet… all seventy episodes of it. The legal implications might be terrifying, but a view’s a view, right? The idea of a show being reported to the Russian authorities will probably make you want to watch said show, just to see what all the fuss is about.

It was previously claimed that Andrei was arrested last September, but these rumors were unverified and appeared to be fan-made.

It’s unclear whether these rumors are related to his latest purported brush with the law, but if we’re being serious for a second, this arguable attempt at censorship doesn’t bode well for being a creator in Russia.

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