The Best TikTok LED Lights for Every Creator

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We live in an era of filters that can make humans look like dogs and Yassify our grandparents into teen heartthrobs. While TikTok may be excellent for digitally enhanced video, if you’re not using filters, proper lighting still matters. Thanks to LEDs lighting is cheaper than ever, but finding the TikTok LED lights of your dreams takes research. 

Thankfully for you, we’ve done the research. No matter what kind of content you make, here are the TikTok LED lights you need. 

What TikTok LED lights are suitable for my videos?

Best portable TikTok LED light for beginners: Auxiwa clip-on selfie ring light

Price: $23.99

tiktok led lights - auxiwa clip on selfie ring light
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If your TikTok aspirations don’t go beyond simple front-facing videos, the Auxiwa is incredible. This affordable and compact clip-on selfie ring light attaches directly to your smartphone. There are no wires to set up or quirky apps to learn, just three brightness levels across 36 LEDs. You won’t have to worry about batteries because this wonder is rechargeable. 

That being said, these bright lights don’t shine forever. The Auxiwa is a budget portable ring light, after all. Expect forty minutes to an hour of use out of each charge, depending on your brightness level. Still, for the money and portability, this is a bargain.


  • Rechargeable 
  • Portable 
  • Cheap (often on sale for as low as $13.99)
  • USB charging means you can charge it on the go with a laptop or battery pack 


  • Battery life is only 30-60 minutes 
  • Build quality is cheap so don’t expect this to last years

Best budget creative TikTok LED lights: Neewer 2-Pack dimmable 5600K USB LED video light 

Price: $35.99

tiktok led lights - neewer led video light
Photo credit: Amazon

Neewer is a leading brand in the world of LED lighting, pumping out a wide range of options to cover every filmmaker’s needs. This budget-minded set includes two incredible USB-powered LED lights, two tripods, two extension rods, and white, yellow, and red filters. Each unit can output 1000 lumens of light from 66 LEDs. That’s the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent bulb each. 

You can easily use one as a front-facing light and then rig the other behind you with a filter for extra creative lighting. Already have a ring light? Set these up behind you for an extra ambient kick. They’re also great for skits. Most importantly, this unit’s dirt-cheap price point makes them ideal for experimenting with ambient light without breaking the bank. 


  • Budget pricing for two great lights 
  • Comes with stands, filters, and a dimmer switch
  • Powerful lighting in a compact package 
  • USB power makes them easy to use even on the go, provided you have a power block or laptop
  • Adjustable cold shoe ball head mount for getting the perfect angle


  • Lights aren’t powerful enough for complicated videos 
  • No cellphone mount for users who are used to ring lights

Best budget home ring light: Inkeltech 21” LED Ring Light with Tripod

Price: $99.95

inkeltech ring light
Photo credit: Amazon

Let’s start by acknowledging that $99.95 might not feel much like you’re balling on a budget. However, for $100 after taxes, this incredible ring light from Inkeltech will serve you for front-facing camera needs for years. With 416 LEDs across its 21” frame, Inkeltech’s powerful light delivers everything from warm studio tones to daylight brightness. 

Getting the perfect color temperature for your video doesn’t require someone helping behind the lights. This unit includes a remote control to fine-tune the brightness and color temperature of your settings. The built-in phone holder ensures your camera will always be centered exactly where it needs to be. Most importantly for TikTokers and vloggers, there’s a USB port built to charge your phone while filming. 


  • Solid build quality 
  • Capable of color temps from 3,000-6,000K 
  • USB for charging your phone while you shoot
  • Remote control for adjusting light while your phone is mounted 
  • Powerful bright light 
  • Comes with its own tripod and adjustable phone mount 
  • Portable case for easy transportation 


  • Has to be plugged into an outlet 
  • Remote only works from the front  

Best portable professional ring light for TikTok: Lume Cube 18” Cordless Ring Light Kit

Price: $199.98 

tiktok led lights - lume cube 18" cordless
Photo by: Amazon

From Lume Cube, one of the leading names in portable photography lighting, comes the cordless ring light of your dreams. Featuring 448 LED beads producing up to 5280 lumens, this incredible light packs a powerful punch into its 18 inches. With an adjustable color temperature range from 3200-5600K and flicker-free operation, this will bring any video to light. It is incredible in a studio setting, but this model is ready to travel. 

Using two NP-750 batteries included with your order, you can take this ring light anywhere. The batteries last up to 70 minutes at full power, but you can get more time on lower settings. However, unlike sets with rechargeable batteries, these can be removed when they run out of juice. That means you’ll always have options when shooting a video on location. 

Add in a carrying case, a 6.5ft stand, and a built-in mount for cameras and smartphones, and this is a complete package for a TikToker on the go. 


  • Compact 18” side 
  • Cordless design lets you take it anywhere 
  • Batteries are removable so you can always have backups
  • Powerful 5280 lumens light output
  • 3200-5600K color range 
  • Comes with everything you need to get started from stands to a carrying case and batteries


  • Battery life around 70 minutes means you’ll need to monitor your power and keep backup batteries
  • Cost 
  • While the build is solid if you take care of it this light won’t survive a significant fall 
  • No remote or app for controlling details wirelessly

Best professional creative TikTok LED lights: Neewer 660 Pro RGB LEW Video Light

Price: $145 each

TikTok LED lights - neewer 660 pro
Photo by: Amazon

Our final selection isn’t for creators who make standard front-facing TikTok videos but for those who make short films. Featuring 660 SMD LED beads and a color-temperature range of 3200K to 5600K, this powerful light has all the basics covered. The real fun starts with its other features. 

The included scene modes deliver background lighting effects like Cop Cars, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Fireworks, Parties, Candlelight, Lightning, Paparazzi, and TV Screen. You can change its output from white light to full 360-degree RBG-colored light. Each light comes with directional shutters for fine-tuned light focusing. However, for solo TikTok makers, the best feature might be its app. 

You can control the Neewer 660 Pro with your phone via Bluetooth and its iOS and Android app. In our tests, this app makes experimentation a dream. Nothing frees up your creativity like quickly cycling through options while your light is across the room. Even better, this model supports AC/DC power and removable batteries. Sadly, you’ll need to buy the batteries yourself.


  • Powerful light from 660 SMD LED beads
  • Full 360-degree RBG-color range 
  • Built-in lighting effects including Cop Cars, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Fireworks, Parties, Candlelight, Lightning, Paparazzi, and TV Screen
  • Included shutters to direct light 
  • Uses batteries or AC/DC power
  • Solid build


  • Expensive 
  • Doesn’t come with batteries 
  • Batteries can fall out during use if the light is tilted incorrectly and you don’t anchor them with tape

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