You Can Now Send Anonymous Warning Messages in Twitch Chats

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Harassment is commonplace in Twitch chat logs. But the platform is now leveling up its content moderation offerings to help combat harassment from chatters. 

In an X post on June 5, the platform announced that moderators could now issue Chat Warnings.

“Starting today, you and your mods can use the new Chat Warnings feature to send anonymous warnings to chatters who are acting out of line,” the post read. “They’ll need to acknowledge the warning before they can chat again.”

How can I issue Twitch chat warnings?

Issuing chat warnings on your server is simple. You just need to click on a user’s viewer card and click the “warn” button. Alternatively, you can use the chat command /WARN USERNAME, or use the mod action buttons on chat messages to do it. 

It’s worth noting that this feature is anonymous, although moderators will have to specify what chat rule was broken, whether that be a pre-made rule or a customizable one that you enter.

“We often hear from streamers and mods that they use an informal three-strike system when managing poor behavior from chatters in their communities – first a warning, then a timeout, and then a ban,” Twitch added in a website post. “This is a useful tool to manage minor or first-time offenses.”

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