Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council Has Been Replaced With Streamers

Twitch logo with icons related to online safety to represent Twitch's Safety Advisory Council
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Twitch has fired all the members of its Safety Advisory Council — and replaced them with creators. 

CNBC reports that council members were called into a meeting on May 6 and told they were being replaced with streamers. The council formerly consisted of nine external advisors, who ranged from industry experts, streamers, and community moderators.

Is the Twitch Safety Advisory Council still a thing?

Twitch’s advisory council consulted the platform about safety issues — ranging from child safety, managing explicit content, and account bans.

But per an email shared with CNBC, council members were told that their existing contracts would end on May 31. They were also told that they wouldn’t receive payment for the second half of the year.

According to a CNBC source familiar with the contracts, council members were paid between $10,000 and $20,000 per 12-month period. 

“Looking ahead, the Safety Advisory Council will primarily be made up of individuals who serve as Twitch Ambassadors,” the email, which was viewed by CNBC, read.

What are Twitch Ambassadors? 

Per the Twitch website, Twitch Ambassadors “positively contribute to the Twitch community — from being role models for their community, to establishing new content genres, to having inspirational stories that empower those around them.”

It’s unclear which Twitch Ambassadors, however, will form part of the new council. Still, in an emailed statement to CNBC, a Twitch spokesperson said that the company has brought in “new council members to offer fresh, diverse perspectives.” The company refused to disclose if it would pay the Ambassadors.

This comes months after a tense period of layoffs for the company. In January, Twitch laid off 500 staff members, while 400 were also laid off in December 2023. 

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