YouTube Experiments With ‘Add Yours’ Sticker

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YouTube Shorts are getting more collaborative than ever, as YouTube is testing a new feature called the “add yours” sticker.

The feature allows creators to respond to and/or remix a YouTube Short related to a chosen theme. So, essentially, it’s just like the Instagram feature of the same name.

For instance, a creator could share a Short of their pet cat. Then, they could encourage others to do the same by customizing the “add yours” sticker.

How to use the “add yours” sticker on YouTube

The sticker is currently in its experimental phase, with a small handful of creators being automatically selected as guinea pigs. In a video on the Creator Insider YouTube channel, YouTube spokesperson Lauren broke down how to find and use the feature.

“If you’re a creator in the experiment you’ll see an ‘Add Yours’ sticker available in the sticker picker,” she explained. “To try it out, record a Short, tap ‘Next,’ then tap the sticker icon and select ‘Add Yours’ and type in what you like others to respond to.

Similar to TikTok’s individual sound pages, these YouTube Shorts will be collated into a centralized page that users can access by clicking on the sticker.

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