🔥 From ‘Too Hot Handle’ to TikTok, Harry Jowsey Describes His Career Evolution


This weekend at South by Southwest (SXSW), creators took center stage in many events, parties, and panels—including at a content creators meet-up hosted by 25-year-old Harry Jowsey, a creator with over 9.1 million followers across TikTok and Instagram and a former reality TV star known for Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

At the panel, Jowsey shared his insight on a variety of topics, including monetization, brand deals, audience engagement, content strategy, and career development. Backstage, we spoke with him about his career trajectory, how he approaches internet drama, and more.

Also this week, Passionfruit Contributor Steven Asarch spoke with Kacey “Kacey” Anderson, a Twitch streamer and the first woman content creator for the eMLS—the major league for FIFA players. This weekend, she took the stage at SXSW at the eMLS cup as its lead correspondent. Leading up to the event, she shared insight on the esports industry in an interview with Passionfruit.


At SXSW, influencer and ‘Too Hot To Handle’ star Harry Jowsey describes his career evolution

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Twitch streamer Kacey ‘Kacee’ Anderson takes stage as lead correspondent at the eMLS Cup at SXSW

Anderson spoke to Passionfruit about her experience with the eMLS as its first woman content creator.

By Steven Asarch, Passionfruit Contributor


woman holding phone and cash in front of yellow to pink vertical gradient background with TikTok logo on her left side and Instagram logo on her right Passionfruit Remix

Five new creator tools for 2023 that will help creators make more money on Instagram and TikTok

These tools will give your channel new life.

By Jen Glantz, Passionfruit Contributor



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