🥊 Indie Writers Speak Out Against Censorship on Twitter


We just can’t seem to catch a break with Twitter this month. Changing its logo to a Doge icon and then announcing (and seemingly backpedaling) the removal of legacy verified accounts was just the beginning for Elon Musk’s April.

This week, creators discovered their Substack-related content was censored on Twitter. Embeds, pins, likes, retweets, replies, and searches were being limited on any tweets with Substack links. For someone who claims to champion free speech, Musk has now alienated his few remaining allies in the field of independent journalism—which relies entirely on subscription-based monetization.

Read more below what creators are saying about Twitter’s latest move, and why it matters for anyone trying to grow an audience or make a living through their content.


‘This is a big deal for independent writers’: Twitter limits Substack-related tweets, sparking backlash from creators

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