💍 The Perils of Influencer Divorces


Influencer public breakups and divorces tend to get messy. A recent example was in September 2022, when Ned Fulmer, a member of the YouTube collective Try Guys, faced viral scrutiny for an extra-marital affair he had with a co-worker. The high-stakes story led many fans to take sides—in vocal and even abusive ways.

A new public breakup case is currently engulfing Félix Lengyel (@xQc) and Samantha Lopez (@AdeptTheBest) in controversy. Even though they never officially married, according to documents obtained by Passionfruit, Lopez is claiming the pair entered a common law marriage in the state of Texas, and now she’s filing for divorce. 

Both Lengyel and Lopez report they are suffering from harassment from fans due to the public nature of the breakup. While much remains uncertain regarding the specifics of Lopez and Lengyel’s situation, what unfolded, according to court documents, shows the perils of sharing your relationship online—and the fan harassment, career instability, and economic uncertainty that might follow.


Streamers xQc and Adept embroiled in messy divorce case—even though they were never officially married

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