‘Attack on Titan’ Finale Reactor Roundtable (Video)

If you’ve never seen ‘Attack on Titan,’ bro do you even anime? The best-selling manga-turned worldwide hit anime series dropped its final episode, and we had some thoughts.

Since we love our YouTubers, what better way to celebrate the show than with the debut of Passionfruit’s new series Crossing the Streams, the incursion of your favorite reactors meeting for the first time. We call this first episode “React on Titan.”

Reactorverse host Eric Rodriguez was joined by First Cut Studios’ Andres Cabrera to discuss the “Attack on Titan” finale, joined by a panel of reactors including Sean Tanktop, Lola from LM Reactions, Abi Corrine, Sonny from Kat & Sonny, Adonis Xavier from SSJUTSU, OtakuMai, Omni from Omn1Media and writer Rafael Motamayor, who recently interviewed manga creator Hajime Isayama for the New York Times.

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