Crossing the Streams Ep. 2: A Doctor Who Reaction Roundtable (Video)

Grab your sonic screwdriver and settle in for a timey wimey talk with an all-new “Crossing the Streams” reactor roundtable on Doctor Who!

Enter the time vortex as we bring together a fantastic panel of “Doctor Who” experts to share their thoughts on the recent 60th anniversary and Christmas specials, as well as the debut of Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor. Co-hosted by Reactorverse’s Eric Rodrigruez and Paul DiNuzzo from PLD Projects the episode also features special companions representing reaction channels Late to the Party, pReviewd, Omni1Media, Sesskasays, Liam Catterson and Failwhale34.

If you’re new here, Crossing the Streams is a monthly reaction roundtable, bringing creators around the internet to discuss topics related to their passions. Check out the previous episode, React on Titan, where some of your favorite YouTube stars discussed the finale of the hit anime series, “Attack on Titan.” And make sure you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, featuring our weekly Reactorverse podcast, Passionfruit Presents and the Passion Pit. (What can we say, we love our wordplay.)

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