IGN Creators Guild Blindsided by Layoffs

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After being “blindsided” by the firing of three union members, the IGN Creators Guild is biting back. The union, which represents creators at media outlet IGN, has filed an unfair labor practices charge with the National Labor Relations Board. 

In a statement posted to social media, the guild said: “On March 7, 2024, IGN Management blindsided the IGN Creators Guild with three layoffs. This decision was made despite the fact that the company is in no economic distress, and without consulting the union.”

“This decision shocked us, given the fact that the company voluntarily recognized our guild. The company is claiming that these decisions were made prior to our recognition. Failing to approach us prior to the layoffs, and instead only choosing to bargain over the effects of said layoffs, is a massive breach of trust between union employees and management.”

(IGN did not respond to Passionfruit’s request for comment via email. Passionfruit also reached out to the IGN Creators Guild via X.)

What is the IGN Creators Guild?

In February 2024, IGN employees announced that they were unionizing with the NewsGuild-CWA, a labor union for news professionals. The video game and entertainment site IGN employs a large number of not just journalists but multimedia content creators. Hence the IGN Creators Guild name.

How are creators responding to the layoffs?

The recently established IGN Creators Guild has called on IGN to bargain with them in order to “rebuild trust” between creators and the outlet.

“We are also demanding that IGN management do the right thing and give our impacted teammates the consideration — or at the very least the severance — that they deserve,” they added. “We ask that you join us in doing the same.”

As creative workers face layoffs left right and center, it feels like unions have never been more pertinent. Over on X, fellow creatives across industries threw their full support behind IGN. One wrote, “These people pour their heart and soul into your company. Where is the basic respect for them in return?”

“Treat the employees who worked hard for your profits and their union fairly,” another added. “The whole internet is watching.”

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