It’s Too Little Too Late For Kick

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Streaming platform Kick, which arose as a competitor to Twitch in 2022, has been trying to position itself as a creator-friendly platform. It offers a high revenue split (95% of subscription earnings go to creators versus Twitch’s 50-70%) and even has a paid hourly wage for some creators. 

But its glimmering financial promises are overshadowed by its toxic culture and a near-constant stream of problematic encounters. The platform, which is backed by the owners of the online gambling platform Stake, is known for its lax content moderation and taking in a rag-tag group of creators banned on other platforms.

It’s no surprise then that Kick streamers are known for being dangerous. Over the weekend, two popular Kick streamers, Jon Zherka and Heelmike, allegedly brought a minor onto one of their party streams. Though the platform banned the two creators for their actions, there was a trail of questionable behavior leading us here — so why isn’t Kick doing more to intervene?


Kick Streamers John Zherka and Heelmike Banned After Allegedly Bringing Minor Onto Party Stream

Zherka and Heelmike permanently banned from Kick for soliciting

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Sissy character from Sissy movie in meditative pose surrounded by blood


Rakuten Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Guide

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Rakuten Affiliate Program

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Kamilla, aka Centane, joins The Reactorverse Podcast all the way from Norway this week!

Kamilla started her channel to cope with her father’s passing by exploring his favorite movies on camera — and has since found a supportive community in the reaction space (all while being a certified nursing assistant and signed with Norwegian esports team Apeks).

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