Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Rakuten Affiliate Program

Rakuten Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Guide
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Affiliate programs are among the most popular ways content creators can monetize their platforms. These programs offer commission kickbacks to creators when their audience buys the items they promote.

But, finding the right affiliate network to join can be confusing. There are quite a few to choose from, and today, we’re exploring Rakuten’s affiliate program. 

Here’s everything you need to know about joining Rakuten’s affiliate program and earning money as a creator in 2024. 

What Is the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

Rakuten’s affiliate program is a free platform that makes it easy for content creators to earn money when their audience purchases items or products that they recommend to them on their channels. 

Rather than selling their products, creators can sign up and link to products from the thousands of brands associated with the platform. Since this program is commission-based, creators will earn money on sales they generate through the affiliate links they share with their audience. 

Who Can Become a Rakuten Affiliate?

Rakuten’s affiliate program is open to most creators. Anyone with an active website, blog, or social media program can apply for this free program. 

Unlike other affiliate programs that allow creators to generate affiliate links directly from a brand’s website, Rakuten’s affiliate program works differently. Once creators can access Rakuten’s affiliate program, they can search through a directory of over 2,000 brands. However, to work with these brands and link to campaigns or products from the brand, they have to apply and be accepted by the brand directly. 

It is then up the brands to decide if they want to work with you as a creator. They might consider your audience size, type of content, and platforms you create before determining whether or not to work with you.

How Do I Become a Rakuten Affiliate? 

Applying for the program takes less than five minutes. Once you’re on the Rakuten website, click on the Publishers tab up top and then Publish Sign Up. From there, you’ll enter details linking to your platforms (website, social media channels, etc.) and estimated page visits a month.

After you submit your application, Rakuten may review it and update you on its status. The review can take up to a few days. 

Is Rakuten a Good Affiliate Program? 

Rakuten is popular among creators and is often featured in round-ups of the top affiliate programs. 

Once you have access to Rakuten’s affiliate program, you will find the platform is straightforwardnavigate.  You can filter through the over 2,000 brands on the platform by searching for relevant ones using keywords, categories, or specific brand names. 

How valuable Rakuten will be for you depends on your audience. It could be a good platform if you frequently share products or items from the brands in Rakuten’s affiliate program. Since the program is free to apply for, it could be worth signing up to see if the brands listed align with your content and audience. 

How Does Rakuten Pay Affiliates?

Like most other affiliate programs, creators on get paid commission. That means you only earn money on sales generated through the affiliate links they share on their platform.

Every brand on Rakuten’s affiliate platform offers its own commission structure and opportunities. Most brands provide a baseline of at least 4% per sale, but commission rates can be as high as 15%. You can browse the list of active brands to see what they offer and then decide whether or not you want to apply.

Once you start earning money, Rakuten will pay out your commission through PayPal, direct deposit, or check, depending on your selected method. 

Rakuten pays affiliates on a monthly basis and will release payments to creators as long as their account has reached a $5 minimum in earnings for that month. 

Is the Program Free? 

Rakuten is a free platform for creators to monetize their content. No fees are associated with using the platform or receiving payouts on earnings. However, creators will only receive a payout once they have earned a minimum of $5 for the month. 

How Much Does Rakuten Pay Per Referral?

In addition to offering an affiliate, Rakuten offers creators another opportunity to earn money through its influencer program

This program is very different from Rakuten’s affiliate program. Instead, it focuses on Rakuten’s website, which offers a cash-back program for consumers when they shop online at thousands of qualified retailers.

Through Rakuten’s influencer program, creators receive a flat rate for every new member they get to sign up to Rakuten’s website using their affiliate link. Rakuten also offers influencers an added $50 bonus when they get ten qualified referrals to sign up.

Should I Join Rakuten’s Affiliate Program

Since Rakuten’s affiliate program is free to join, there’s no risk for creators to sign up and give it a try. Other affiliate programs make it easier for creators to link to any product they want from a brand’s website and earn a set commission rate. 

However, Rakuten’s affiliate program allows creators to apply to work with brands directly. Once accepted, creators can earn double, or even triple, in commission compared to what they would receive on other platforms. 

With over 2,000 brands on Rakuten’s affiliate platform, there are plenty of opportunities for creators looking to earn more. You should sign up and assess whether the opportunities align with your content and audience before deciding if this is the correct monetization route. 

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