😢 Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues


Oh boy, the Twitter drama never stops coming. Remember when Elon Musk said all legacy verified accounts not subscribed to Twitter Blue would lose their blue tick on April 1? Well, most of them did on April 20, but some high-profile creators kept their check marks, with a note misleadingly saying they paid for Twitter Blue.

Many of these accounts, including Steven King, Lil Nas X, Alyssa Milano, and Kara Swisher, stressed online that they did not pay for Twitter Blue—and they definitely did not want to be seen as someone who would

In a piece for Passionfruit, reporter Charlotte Colombo breaks down the “impossible choice” for smaller creators looking to grow their art and business online. Should you pay for Twitter Blue for its perks, but risk looking like a clout-chasing sell-out? 

Also, did anyone else hear about the viral ‘Fake Drake’ AI song this month? This week, Passionfruit contributor Patricia Grisafi explains how the AI-generated song, written by an anonymous user known as Ghostwriter, sparked debate about the ethics of AI-generated creativity and the music industry at wide.


Elon Musk’s new Twitter verified policy leaves small creators with an impossible choice

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The ‘Fake Drake’ song and the future of AI-generated creativity

‘I hope the major labels are feeling pressure.’

By Patricia Grisafi, Passionfruit Contributor


tiktok led lights - featured image, a hand full of led lights and tiktok logos

The best TikTok LED lights for every creator

Step into the light.

By John-Michael Bond, Passionfruit Contributor



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