👩‍💻 These Creators Are Keeping Their Day Jobs


For many, quitting a 9-to-5 job to pursue content creation full-time is a dream. However, there are a growing number of creators who are rejecting this move—even when they are able to earn enough off social media to make a living. Instead, they are keeping their day jobs, and, for some, it’s proving lucrative.

This week, Passionfruit contributor Eve Upton-Clark spoke with business leaders and creators about influencers who use their job-related expertise to inspire content and raise their advertising rates. She also explores how some major retailers, like Dunkin’, are attempting to assert greater control over employee content by asking employees to create behind-the-scenes content on the clock.


‘There is a shift taking place’: The rise of the influencer-worker

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Amid slashes to advertising budgets, creators are preparing for a looming recession

“These budget cuts may affect my life as a creator just as they would affect any other employee.”

By Alexandra Bower, Passionfruit Contributor



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