Threads Has Hit 150 Million Users

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Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter, has just met another milestone with 150 million monthly users. This is up from 130 million monthly users back in February, meaning that in just two months, the site has grown by 20 million.

Since its launch in July last year, Threads has undergone a number of updates in order to become more user-friendly. This includes search tags, the ability to bookmark posts, a trending topics feature, and the ability to view a desktop version of the app.

Most recently, Meta has announced that the platform was testing a swiping feature, with viewers swiping right on things they like and left on things they don’t like.

How does X compare?

Like Mastodon and Blue Sky, Threads is trying to fill the void left by Elon Musk’s increasingly divisive X. But it might be a while until Threads gets to that point.

In March, X announced that it attracted 250 million active users and 500 million monthly users. But while these stats are impressive (and easily beat Threads), it’s worth noting that X announced the exact same monthly figure in November 2022.

In other words, in the past sixteen months, X has experienced pretty much no growth in terms of monthly users. Numerous other third-party sources are also claiming that the app has actually seen a decline in users since Musk’s takeover, although these figures greatly vary.

But most of all it suggests that there might be some truth behind Musk’s admission during his deposition that he might have “done more to financially impair” X than to improve it.

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