TikTok’s Creator Rewards Program Is Finally Out of Beta

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TikTok’s Creativity Program Beta has now fully transitioned to the Creator Rewards Program, leaving beta. In a March 18 blog post, TikTok elaborated on how it will calculate creator earnings through this new program.

This new Creator Rewards program focuses on long-form content over a minute long. It financially rewards creators based on a revenue-per-mile (RPM) model.

How does TikTok calculate RPM?

Previously, TikTok’s calculation of RPM was vague. However, now TikTok has provided a bit more clarification about its four core RPM metrics: originality, play duration, audience engagement, and search value. 

Audience engagement is all about a video’s likes, comments, and shares. Play duration is based on a new formula that takes into account both video watch time and finish rate.

Search value rewards creators based on how many users are searching for content like theirs. Creators can learn more about search value with the new Creator Search Insights SEO tool, which debuted on March 18.

Originality is a bit more nebulous. TikTok says it refers to quality content “unique to the creator” that showcases “their point of view or creative thought process in a way that resonates with their community.”

TikTok also “enhanced” the app’s dashboard to provide more up-to-date analytics on RPM, qualified views, estimated rewards, and program eligibility. This should provide creators with more detailed information and insight into how successful their content strategy really is. 

How do I join the Creator Rewards program?

The barrier of entry to the TikTok Creator Rewards program is a bit steep. To be eligible, creators must be at least 18. Creators also must have at least 10,000 followers and a minimum of 100,000 views in the past 30 days. 

This news comes at a rocky time for TikTok. Not only is it facing a potential ban in the US, but it also has faced numerous criticisms over its previous creator funds and lack of transparency over how exactly payouts are calculated. 

“Home to a global community powered by our creators and their creativity, TikTok brings together people around the world through content that connects, entertains, and inspires,” TikTok said in a blog post. “We remain committed to investing in the best tools and technology for our creators to unleash their creativity.”

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