You Can Now Level Up Your Stream With Twitch ‘Power-Ups’

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Twitch has announced a host of new chat features known as “Power-ups.” Starting today, Twitch users will be able to use three different effects — with more reportedly coming later this year.

“Power-ups are designed to provide fun, interactive ways for viewers to support streamers using Bits,” Twitch said in an email.

According to the platform, streamers will have flexibility in how these interactions are used. Streamers can also set their own custom prices. 

What are Bits on Twitch?

Bits are a virtual good on Twitch that users can purchase to share their support for a creator. They take the form of “Cheermotes” and virtual badges, are equivalent to 1 cent. 

Bits are a method of monetizing for creators on Twitch, although Twitch takes 50% of revenue from Bits streamers receive.

What Twitch Power-ups are available now?

Currently, there are three Power-ups available globally for users. The first Power-up is called Message Effects, and it’s pretty much what it says on the tin: colorful ways to spice up a conversation.

Meanwhile, Twitch describes the new “On-Screen-Celebration” feature as a “virtual party” that effectively “lights up the stream” with unlocked chat emotes.

And finally, there’s the Gigantify emote, which, again, is pretty straightforward: it involves sending huge versions of some of your favorite emotes.  

These Power-ups will be accessible via the Bits icon in your chat window.

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